Certainty of radiopharmaceutical supply via our national network

Radiopharmaceuticals are a vital component in the delivery of integrated care pathways. We work with NHS England to offer PET/CT procedures to thousands of cancer patients as well as in many other medical specialties, including paediatrics, urology and neurology.

What are radiopharmaceuticals?

Radiopharmaceuticals are substances that are attracted to specific organs, bones, or tissues. A scanner (PET, SPECT or gamma camera) is then used to detect the radiopharmaceutical and acquire images of the body. The amount of radiopharmaceutical used is carefully selected to provide the least amount of radiation exposure to the patient but a high quality result.

Isotope manufacture

Alliance Medical manufactures a range of 18F specials to provide a secure supply of radiopharmaceuticals and tracers to the UK diagnostic imaging market used for imaging of prostate cancer and bone scanning in selected patients.


Molecular imaging is an area of extremely active research with advances in isotopes, imaging and treatment occurring rapidly.

Alliance Medical is committed to developing benefits for patients through research.

With our ability to supply isotopes, Alliance Medical actively contribute to outcomes in research studies in collaboration with our network of key partner organisations. In addition, we work with a number of affiliated organisations to bring new tracers to the market.