Mobile Medical Plus

An unrivalled innovation in patient care. Mobile Medical Plus offers a superior patient and staff experience. Our innovative 'expandable technology' (on the move) allows us to create a spacious and calming environment to perform high-quality diagnostic scanning, in whatever part of the country you need us. Whenever you need us.

Mobile Medical Plus is a new state of the art and innovative diagnostic imaging solution, which combines the latest in expandable unit technology with state of the art imaging facilities.

Equipped with the very latest scanning technology, natural and mood lighting, windows and ample changing room space  - your patients will feel at ease and exceptionally well looked after. Plus, a larger, safe, clean and contemporary work space ensures your staff can too.  

It is a creation formed from the fusion of two great companies - Alliance Medical, Europe’s largest independent diagnostic imaging provider (who have a long history and heritage in providing intelligent imaging services to both the public and private sector) and Expandable Healthcare whose mission is to bring innovative mobile solutions to the healthcare market across the globe.

The passion of the partnership between Alliance Medical and Expandable Healthcare has led to the creation of something truly unique and innovative - Mobile Medical Plus.


We are delighted with how the hard work and creativity of both companies' teams have produced this magnificent product. Mobile Medical Plus really pushes the envelope when it comes to diagnostic imaging.

We truly believe that this partnership has produced an innovative space and superior environment for patients and staff using it.

Mobile Medical Plus will exceed our customers' expectations through the flexibility it provides and the experience of its most important end users - our patients. We are proud to be able to present this to the UK market and look forward to seeing it working at sites across the country.