Mobile services

Our mobile imaging services help resolve your capacity problems. We offer a bespoke service with vehicles, scanning equipment, staff and services ready to meet your short or long term needs.

Maybe demand for imaging is increasing, but is not yet high enough to justify a new, permanent system? Perhaps waiting lists are growing, and you need a swift solution to help clear the backlog? We work with you to provide a mobile imaging service that meets your exact requirements cost effectively, and that acts as a seamless extension to your clinical operation.

Meet rising demand

The demand for diagnostic imaging continues to increase. Advancing technology improves diagnosis and supports better patient care pathways. As demand quickly outstrips supply, hospitals can find themselves struggling to cope with lengthening waiting lists.

Some hospitals have no imaging department at all, but still need to access high quality diagnostic services for the benefit of their patients.

Alliance Medical's mobile imaging services can help you meet your hospital’s specific short term or long term requirements quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Avoid penalties

Hospitals can't afford the consequences of failing to hit nationally set performance targets. Every hospital needs to avoid Department of Health financial penalties, and to protect its reputation for delivering high quality patient care. We can work with Trusts and hospitals to avoid these penalties by offering immediate capacity via mobile imaging services.

The flexibility of our mobile imaging services means that you can continuously provide a high quality service for your patients that meets standards and avoids costly penalties.

I have always found the MRI mobile service to be safe and reliable, the mobile staff are very professional and have a warm rapport with both staff and patients and both the image quality as well as the reporting service is very good. The MRI mobile offers us much needed additional capacity and operates as a seamless extension of the Trusts Radiology service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alliance Medical as a provider of MRI mobile services.

Quality matters

Alliance Medical believe in keeping in close touch with our customers and in the value of measuring and monitoring the services we provide. We always explicitly agree operational standards and any relevant KPIs with new customers at an initial site setup meeting, so we all share one view of what is required and how we will work.

Monthly reports of key performance indicators and regular review meetings to discuss patient feedback enable us to track progress together and identify any issues or opportunities as they arise.

What you can expect from our mobile service

Bespoke imaging services, when and where you need them
High quality imaging, using the latest technology
Service reliability with hands-on support and same day issue resolution
Up to 30 scans per day, rapid turnaround of reported scans
Seamless integration with your hospital protocols and PACS
Quick and easy set up
Qualified, registered, professional radiography staff
Value for money, cost effective services with clear pricing for close financial control
Flexibility to cover out-of-hours and emergency requirements
Clinical standards with regular reports and reviews
Jointly staffed/unstaffed services to meet individual customer requirements