Detailed and rapid assessment of vascular disease

Vascular disease refers to disorders of the peripheral arterial circulation outside of the brain or heart. It can be assessed by our advanced scanning technology giving you and your medical practitioner detailed and rapid diagnosis.

Ultrasound and CT scanning for early detection

Vascular disease usually involves either narrowing of the blood supply (arteries) to the peripheral tissues often due to furring up, or an aneurysm (blow out) of the main artery: the aorta. The latter called an abdominal aortic aneurysm is catastrophic if it bursts unexpectedly with greater than 95% mortality. However, it can be safely treated if detected early enough using either an ultrasound or CT scan.

The arterial supply to the peripheral tissues e.g. legs and feet are the most common to be affected by disease and can lead to disabling symptoms. Our CT peripheral angiogram provides exquisitely detailed images of the peripheral arteries to detect narrowing or obstruction to blood flow, with the result and images being reported by a renowned expert in this field