Rapid appointments and reporting by expert neuroradiologists

Neurological symptoms such as persistent headaches or numbness are a frequent but worrying condition. While there are many possible causes, they often require some form of imaging in order to exclude any structural abnormality or space occupying lesion.

Visualising lesions and neurological damage

At Alliance Medical, we can offer neurological MRI scans on both the powerful Siemens Skyra and the patient-friendly Open and Upright MRI. Both scanners are able detect intrinsic lesions with exceptional detail while visualising any neurological damage that may occur from chronic disease such as multiple sclerosis, or after a small stroke.

The Aquilion ONE PRISM Edition is able to image the entire brain in one rotation of its tube, making it more precise than other scanners while significantly reducing the radiation dose. A Cerebral CT Angiogram can visualise the smallest blood vessels in startling clarity, determining any aneurysm or arteriovenous malformation - a tangling of blood vessels which may disrupt normal blood flow to the brain. The examination is fast and non-invasive. CT is able to perform a perfusion scan of the entire brain, allowing the measurement of blood flow within each area of the brain - particularly suitable for detecting early signs of dementia. An Ultrasound Doppler will determine any narrowing of the neck arteries which may limit blood flow to the brain, increasing the risk of stroke. Plaque build-up in the carotid artery increases the risk of a blood clot forming and subsequently being dislodged.

Our neurological scans are reported on by the leading neuroradiologists from the UK's National Hospital for Neurological Disease at Queens Square.