Highly accurate scanning of painful musculoskeletal conditions

Joint and spinal injuries are common and can cause profound discomfort and disabling symptoms. Most of us will experience an episode of back or joint pain in our lifetime. Whilst the majority will get better on their own, a significant number will go on to develop disabling symptoms that require detailed assessment and management.

Optimum scanning accuracy

At Alliance Medical, our comprehensive suite of scanners allows the most appropriate imaging technique for all musculoskeletal injuries, either upright, lying down or of a moving joint.

Patients with back pain can be imaged in one of our three MRI scanners; either traditionally, lying down inside of a powerful closed bore scanner, or weight bearing in our unique Open and Upright MRI. We have the superior ability to offer diagnostic examinations in the position of maximum symptoms which greatly increases the accuracy of results.

Joint pain can be caused by damage to the ligaments, tendons, cartilage or to the surrounding bone. The assessment of these injuries often requires different imaging modalities.

While our MRI scanners are superb for visualising soft tissues and cartilage, our CT scanner is optimal for the imaging bone. The Aquilion ONE PRISM Edition can image moving joints in real time by performing the scan during patient motion, that of maximum symptoms.

The EOS dual source upright CT scanner is the optimal modality for the diagnosis and continued care of patients with posture related conditions. The images allow accurate visualisation of the entire spine and major joints (hips, knees and ankles), without the need to ‘stitch’ images together. This guarantees precise measurement for conditions such as scoliosis, leg length discrepancy and predisposition to spine disc disease.