A full suite of scanning technologies for genital and urinary disorders

Genitourinary refers to the urinary and genital organs. Urology is the branch of medicine concerned with the urinary tract in both male and females, and the genital tract of the reproductive system in males. Causes for these disorders include congenital anomalies, infectious diseases, trauma, or conditions that secondarily involve the urinary structure.

Disorders of the genital and urinary system demonstrate the need for a comprehensive suite of scanning technologies as their variety requires different imaging tools. Our unique range of scanners allows an accurate and detailed assessment of genitourinary conditions.

The Aquilion ONE PRISM Edition is incredibly sensitive in detecting the presence of renal stones or obstruction to the kidneys, and is increasingly used as an effective alternative to the traditional intravenous urogram; being quicker, more precise and with lower radiation exposure.
Narrowing (stenosis) of the renal arteries is a rare but significant cause of hypertension and can be exquisitely visualised by a CT angiogram.

A renal tract ultrasound, often shortened to KUB (kidneys and urinary bladder) can give information about the bladder wall, bladder stones, and tumours in the bladder. The ultrasound can also show if the kidneys are in the right place or if they have blockages, kidney stones, or tumours.

Ultrasound can be used to produce images of the prostate gland and the surrounding tissues to help diagnose symptoms such as difficulty urinating, frequency or other lower urinary tract symptoms or an elevated blood test result. It is also used to investigate any nodules found during rectal examinations, detect abnormalities, and determine whether the gland is enlarged.

MRI is a valuable tool in the early diagnosis and evaluation of prostate cancer. The examination is non-invasive and highly acute, with no radiation exposure. It is also useful in diagnosing benign conditions such as an enlarged prostate or infection. The optimal machine for prostate imaging is the Magntom Skyra’s powerful 3T magnet, but this can be performed on our patient-friendly Open and Upright MRI scanner.