Highly accurate imaging and expert reporting of endocrine disorders

The correct diagnosis of endocrine (hormone) disorders (e.g. thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenal) requires accurate and high quality imaging. Poorly performed imaging leads to confusion or even worse, a wrong diagnosis. Our advanced scanning technology, coupled with the experience of our endocrine radiologists, offers the highest quality service ensuring an accurate diagnosis for endocrine specialists to act on.

The skill of the radiologist is key to diagnosing thyroid problems

We employ 2 extremely experienced thyroid radiologists whose skill set is recognised and utilised by London's leading endocrine specialists. Nodules within the thyroid gland frequently require cells to be obtained to determine if they are malignant. This is performed with a Fine Needle Aspiration procedure under ultrasound guidance. Our thyroid radiologists have a greater than 95% success rate in this technique.

Latest CT scanning techniques for the parathyroid glands

Parathyroid disease is usually due to overactivity of the parathyroid glands, of which there are typically a total of 4, located behind the thyroid gland. Accurate identification of these small glands is essential to determine the most appropriate therapy, but it can be notoriously difficult.

Our state of the art ultrasound scanner provides the first line investigation, and we are the only independent centre to use the latest CT scanning techniques, which has been shown to increase accuracy of parathyroid gland disease assessment.

Detailed imaging and biochemical evaluation of adrenal glands

Adrenal gland disorders usually require imaging by a CT scanner to determine their size and to detect the presence of any nodules or tumors. Nodules occur in approximately 5% of the population and require detailed imaging and biochemical assessment to accurately determine their nature.