Surrey Cancer Network

Cost-savings at Trust level in Surrey and Sussex

Alliance Medical has pioneered the introduction of PET-CT in the UK, installing the first scanner 12 years ago and subsequently partnering with NHS organisations around the UK, sharing knowledge, promoting best practice and providing end-to-end flexible clinical solutions and innovative funding options. One such example is at Guildford Diagnostic Unit at Royal Surrey County hospital which combines both a PET-CT service and a MRI service in a purpose built unit.

Our role in this partnership is to support the NHS in their drive to achieve clinical excellence through imaging services and often this means providing flexible funding options so that NHS funds are not locked up as capital in equipment and premises. To achieve this, we developed a service model to reflect the needs of the Trust, structured to match their clinical and financial requirements.  

Alliance Medical provides a standardised approach of funding equipment, flexible resourcing which has resulted in cost-savings to the NHS within a framework of increased quality and patient access.

"In delivering the PET-CT service over the past 13 years in partnership with Alliance Medical, the Royal Surrey County hospital has benefitted from not having to use their own NHS capital to invest in this cutting-edge, expensive technology since this was done by Alliance Medical entirely at their own risk.

This has enabled the Trust to allocate the capital to other vital clinical areas whilst still having access to the most modern, top quality equipment with high qualified and flexible staff.  Furthermore, this has allowed development of research projects locally and participation in national trials with access to a much wider clinical community involved in oncological imaging."

John Hall
Consultant Radiologist