Christie School of Oncology

Working to increase the number of skilled radiographers and technologists

The UK is facing a shortage of trained diagnostics radiographers and radiologists and in many imaging departments across the country there are unfilled vacancies for these important healthcare professionals. The consequence of this is that some NHS imaging departments cannot meet the National Standards for access to scans and also reporting times.  

In a co-ordinated effort to address this, Alliance Medical has partnered with the world-class Christie School of Oncology to support them in their initiative to enhance the overall skill base in the UK by recruiting and developing highly trained professionals.

This involves a proactive campaign of training and knowledge sharing as well as recruitment to increase the participating population.

"The Christie delivers the highest quality care and treatment for patients to increase cancer survival rates. Early clinical diagnosis saves lives, which is why PET-CT scanning, delivered by highly trained radiographers, is so important.

We bring our strengths in oncological leadership and clinical teaching to ensure that this new partnership with Alliance Medical will be able to draw on a pool of talented and ambitious radiologists, radiographers, technologists  and scientists, who want to deliver outstanding PET-CT scanning throughout the UK.

There are just 71 radiologists per million people in the UK compared with 152 per million in France. The transformation brought about by this initiative will make these professions more attractive, encouraging new recruits. The Christie, through the School of Oncology,  is very proud to be leading on training the next generation of the PET-CT workforce throughout the UK."

Dr Prakash Manoharan
Consultant radiologist and clinical lead for PET-CT at The Christie