Alzheimer's UK and NHS Trusts

National clinical research programme into early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

Alliance Medical is contributing 2,000 scans, together with radio tracers, to a national clinical research programme to support early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

It is part of a wider initiative to improve research access to PET-CT scanners across the country which will see leading academic institutions and local clinicians collaborating on trials across a range of diseases and disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and heart disease.

The programme is made possible thanks to the Molecular Imaging Collaborative Network (MICN), led by Alliance Medical, which has been commissioned to provide PET-CT scanning services across 31 locations in England. As well as upgrading many scanners to state-of-the-art static units, the MICN has undertaken to provide additional capacity for research - standardising and accrediting all scanners to create a national vertically integrated PET-CT network for clinical, research and trial use that is arguably the largest in the world.  

The national PET-CT network allows research collaboration between local clinicians and leading academic centres.

Each of the 31 centres will have NCRI accreditation to allow local participation in multi-centre trials, coordinated by the new Christie Academy of Advanced Imaging.  This will be enhanced through standardised procedures across the MICN network.

This research will have a real impact on patient outcomes by enabling data to be published faster than before and allowing best practice to be determined and implemented across the country.

"As Chair of the Alliance Medical Molecular Imaging Governance Committee (AMMICG), I am looking forward to providing a network of high quality scanning which will provide robust evidence of the benefit of PET-CT in clinical care, and to providing an improved pathway for trialling new imaging agents and technologies."

Professor Fergus Gleeson
Chair of AMMICG