To prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus please take particular care to follow the social distancing guidelines and hand-hygiene measures for 14 days BEFORE attending your planned appointment. 

Please DO NOT ATTEND if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19

Should I still attend if I feel unwell?

If you have any of the symptoms below or feel unwell please call the scanning department, the telephone number can be found on your appointment letter, to rearrange your appointment.

  • New Continuous Cough
  • High Temperature (above 37.8)
  • A loss or change to your sense of taste or smell

Can I be accompanied to my appointment?

Where possible please attend for your appointment unaccompanied.   

If you need someone to bring you to your appointment, we would ask that they leave the centre during your appointment and do not wait in the reception or waiting area.  Staff at the Centre will be able to advice when they should return to collect you.

Are you increasing cleaning in your centres?

We take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and are taking additional steps to make sure our patients and staff are safe. We have increased the availability of hand wash and hand sanitising facilities in all of our units

We have also increased the frequency and rigorousness of our cleaning and decontamination regime in accordance with PHE guidance.

I think I may have coronavirus, should I still attend?

If you believe that you may be at risk of having coronavirus, please do not attend your appointment. Please follow Public Health England advice at:

Should I wear a mask when attending for my appointment?

The UK Government guidance is that all visitors and patients to AML scanning units (mobile and static) should wear an appropriate face covering before entering the unit and should continue to wear a face covering throughout their visit.

All patients (regardless of age or clinical vulnerability) undergoing a scan will be offered a Surgical Mask. However, if a patient has their own facial covering, then:

  • For non-MRI procedures: Should a patient have their own facial covering and their preference is to wear their own face covering, then this is allowed.
  • For MRI procedures: Patients will not be allowed to wear their own facemask or facial covering in the MRI scanners, since it has not been tested to be MRI safe and could place the your safety or the image quality at risk. Upon arrival in the MRI unit, all patients will be issued with a Surgical Face Mask.

All visitors should bring and wear their own face coverings before entering an AML scanning unit. Should a visitor not have their own face covering, then they will be offered a Surgical Face Mask to wear while they are in the unit.

What happens if I fall ill during my appointment?

If you fall ill whilst attending your appointment we will ask you to return home immediately if you are well enough to do so. Then for you to follow Public Health Advice and self–isolate. If you are too unwell to travel home we will isolate you and arrange ongoing support and care for you.

Are Alliance Medical Facilities COVID Secure?

We are asking everyone who attends our site to abide by our policy on social distancing and follow the social distancing instructions.

We are continuously updating our risk assessments of our sites to make sure that they follow all guidance from Public Health England and The NHS to provide a safe environment for both our patients and staff

Alliance Medical’s approach to being Covid-Secure

Is there anything that I need to do regarding COVID-19 before I attend my appointment?

Please take particular care to follow the comprehensive social-distancing and hand hygiene measures for 14 days before attending for your appointment. (see government advice for social distancing)

In accordance with current National Guidance, you are not required to undergo any pre-appointment COVID-19 tests prior to attending an Alliance Medical unit for a diagnostic imaging procedure.

Alliance Medical: a Coronavirus secure environment

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