North West Heart Centre (UHSM) Service Enhanced by New Accutron MR3 Injector System

Friday, June 26, 2015


The Alliance Medical North West Heart Centre, based at University Hospital of South Manchester, became the first UK recipient of the new Accutron MR3 injector in June 2015.

David Clark, the Lead MRI Radiographer at the NW Heart Centre, said,

“We are delighted to be the first UK centre to be able to utilise this new injector which helps us to enhance our service, and eliminate the need for a separate infusion pump, when performing Cardiac Stress Perfusion .”

The MR3 contrast and saline injector, is manufactured by Medtron AG, and distributed in the UK by Guerbet Laboratories.

This wireless injector pump, benefits from an integrated drug infusion pump, which can be utilised during MR Stress Perfusion procedures. The MR3 can also be used as an independent  injector in other areas of MRI work.

Raphael David, International Sales Manager from Medtron AG, said,

“The MR3 has been developed primarily to meet a need, identified by clinicians, to integrate infusion and contrast/saline delivery.

“The NW Heart Centre  is the ideal place for our first UK install".

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